How To Instructions List

Posting a Job to CollectiveNet:
PostingJobToCollectiveNet.ppt     567 KB     PostingJobToCollectiveNet.pdf     349 KB

Open Office:
            Open Office Create Your Marketing Brochure
OpenOfficeCreateBrochure.ppt     1870 KB     OpenOfficeCreateBrochure.pdf     1207 KB
            Open Office Create Your Business Cards

            Sample LinkedIn Public Profile (Edit Your Public Profile Privacy Settings.)
LinkedInPublicProfile.ppt     3633 KB     LinkedInPublicProfile.pdf     1924 KB
            Edit your LinkedIn Account Settings
LinkedInEditAccountSettings.ppt     5010 KB     LinkedInEditAccountSettings.pdf     4302 KB
            Edit your LinkedIn Privacy Settings
LinkedInEditPrivacySettings.ppt     4244 KB     LinkedInEditPrivacySettings.pdf     4344 KB
            Edit your LinkedIn Communications Settings
LinkedInEditCommunicationsSettings.ppt     4013 KB     LinkedInEditCommunicationsSettings.pdf     3862 KB
            Edit your LinkedIn Profile Content
LinkedInEditProfileDetail.ppt     18040 KB     LinkedInEditProfileDetail.pdf     4954 KB
            Add a LinkedIn Profile Photo
LinkedInAddPhoto.ppt     4651 KB     LinkedInAddPhoto.pdf     2050 KB
            Join LinkedIn Groups to Expand Your Network and Participate in Discussions
JoinLinkedInGroups.ppt     5444 KB     JoinLinkedInGroups.pdf     2178 KB
            Searching LinkedIn for Posted Jobs
LinkedInSearchForJobs.ppt     2003 KB     LinkedInSearchForJobs.pdf     1643 KB
            Some Ideas for using LinkedIn and Google to Find and Research Target Employers
TargetEmployerResearch.ppt     4120 KB     TargetEmployerResearch.pdf     3229 KB
            Managing LinkedIn Group Membership
ManageLinkedInGroup.ppt     6752 KB     ManageLinkedInGroup.pdf     3684 KB

            Join and Manage Your Group Email, Search Messages
YahooGroups.ppt     5500 KB     YahooGroups.pdf     2626 KB
            Moderate Yahoo Group Membership
YahooGroupModerator.ppt     1963 KB     YahooGroupModerator.pdf     1090 KB

            Free Open Office Download and Install
OpenOfficeDownloadInstall.ppt     1309 KB     OpenOfficeDownloadInstall.pdf     780 KB
            Free PowerPoint Slide Viewer Program
PowerPointViewer.exe     26391 KB

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