A Communication Tool Of Growing Importance

Links, below are Resources for the ZOOM Tele-Conferencing Tool:

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ZOOM Opening Screen
Zoom Cloud Meetings (Signing in lets you host/initiate meetings.)
([Sign In] needs your email address and a password you create for zoom)

or you can [Join a Meeting] providing the MeetingID provided by the facilitator of the meeting

or you can enter in your web browser:     or # # # # # # # # #     (MeetingID)
Zoom Help Center
Getting started with Zoom
ZOOM Screen Controls (Mouse Over to Access)
(Maybe Tapping On Touch Screen?)
Toggle Speaker View Toggle Full Screen
Toggle Your Microphone Toggle Your Camera
Open Chat Conversation
Attendee Controls in a Meeting
Host In-Meeting Controls
Host and Co-Host Controls in a Meeting
Settings & Controls
I found these links by google: attendee devices
System Requirements for iOS, iPadOS, and Android
System Requirements for PC, Mac, and Linux
Can I use Zoom on multiple devices?
Zoom help said that you can sign in with one computer, one tablet and one phone, all at the same time.
CU Boulder OIT Zoom - Help
CU Boulder OIT Zoom - Download and Log in
CU Boulder OIT Zoom - Host a Meeting and Invite Participants

Updated 03/24/2020