The Collective Network

Prime directive

To maximize the synergy gained by the sheer number of groups and individuals involved so that everyone benefits.

Mission Statement

The Collective Networking organization will help provide the connections to Career, Recruiting, Educational, Development, Companies and Contacts to support personal growth and employment.

Purpose Statement (Individuals)

The Collective Network is designed to be the first point of contact for individuals as a support network for the career search and networking. By providing links to city, state and local agencies, professional organizations and networking groups the Collective Network becomes the nucleus of career development activities and opportunities.

Purpose Statement (Companies)

The Collective Network will provide companies with a new tool never seen before, a pool of talented professionals, available now. Finding and utilizing "local people for local companies" with never a fee is what companies are looking for today.

Purpose Statement (Networking groups)

The Collective Network will provide guidance, structure, organization and support to new and existing networking groups. By collectively working with other networking groups and organizations, the Collective Network will be able to provide links presenters, resume services, individuals and others.