Business Card Instructions

It is possible that your Business Card can be your handiest marketing tool.
They do not take up much room in your pocket or... in a new contact's pocket either!

My cards have pretty much evolved as much as they are going to, but I still like to print them 10 at a time. The standard Business Card is 2 inches by 3.5 inches. The technology has improved a lot. Do it yourself printing of Business Cards has become an easy task:

Avery model 5371 is a great solution for a small run of business cards and for keeping your print costs down. These cards are made from bright white card stock and are compatible with virtually any laser printer. Each package contains 25 sheets of letter size stock (8.5 by 11 inches), each with 10 2-by-3.5-inch cards per page, separated by finely perforated lines. The package also contains complete instructions plus a thin test sheet so you can print a sample page on ordinary paper. Hold the test sheet over a card sheet to make sure that everything lines up correctly before you print your cards. And, most Avery print products have preset lay-out templates included in many common word processing programs (Microsoft Word, for example) to help with project formatting.

In my version of MS Word, I select the menu item: Tools > Envelopes and Labels.
On the Labels tab, Copy and paste your card text content into the Address window and click on [ New Document ] button

Wow! It filled the page with ten overlapping 'business cards'.

Once you have the first business card looking good, Look at your results in Print Preview. If that looks good, you can print it on plain paper and hold Avery's thin test sheet over it to see if your card images look right (centered in the rectangular outlines). If that looks good, go ahead and print your first Business Cards! If you like the cards, save the MS Word document for future use. The next time you want to print some Business Cards, put your card stock form in your printer and print this document. For future modifications, change this document or a copy of it.
Here is a summary of a few of the Avery Product Numbers:
OK, that is seven cents to nine cents per card. The first years of printing my own were with an Ink Jet Printer. You do have to keep those cards dry or the ink will smear.

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Updated 12/13/2019