Creative Networking


There are numerous methods for trying to network into a company and/or for trying to identify internal company contacts. These are some suggestions of how/where to obtain contacts.

  • Friends and neighbors (many subdivisions have a homeowners email list; if you have sent email to that list or watch the email thread, look at the return addresses; although some will be from ISP's, others will be from companies. If there is a copy of the homeowners booklet, check it out.

  • Recreation events - are you a member of a bowling, softball, skiiing team?

  • Your childrens' school - if you're a parent, you probably make contact with other parents at school or through your children. Many of these folks have jobs. Schools frequently have committees of various sorts.

  • Clubs - book club, social club, professional organizations.

  • Call company main phone: if don't appear open to discussion, try more creative approaches. Ask for:

  • Call company after normal business hours; many smaller companies have automated recordings that will allow you to enter some digits relating to a name/division.

  • There are lots of business directories which include lists of Key Contacts; you might just get lucky with one of them.

    Get Creative!

    Find and join an email list that appeals to you or an organization that interests you. Watch the email thread and pick out return addresses for folks who work at a company on your interest list. You have a lot to gain, and nothing to lose by sending email.

  • Updated 10/10/2019