Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer?
Maybe you are 'suddenly retired' or your job search is dragging. When you volunteer your time to help someone else, you can regain that all-important sense of accomplishment. Volunteering also gets you out with other people rather than buried in classified advertising and job boards.

Since you want to enjoy your volunteer time, why not choose your volunteer organization as you would choose your ideal employer. Some of the questions in another of our resources,   Qs_Your_Ideal_Employer   , may be helpful.

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(e.g.: Fort Collins CO volunteer)

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Fort Collins Volunteer
United Way of Larimer County
Food Bank for Larimer County
Habitat for Humanity -- Fort Collins
City of Loveland Volunteer
City of Longmont, Colorado Volunteer Opportunities
Boulder County Volunteer Opportunities
Foothills United Way Volunteer Connection Find a volunteer opportunity
Times-Call Longmont Nonprofits
Get Boulder Volunteer Opportunities
City of Boulder Volunteer Opportunities
Boulder County Network of Care
YMCA of Boulder County Volunteer
Volunteers of America Colorado Branch
Metro Volunteers
Project C.U.R.E.
Hunger Free Colorado Volunteer Opportunities

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