Programs offered in Colorado Front Range Area

Boulder - Longmont - Fort Collins

The Collectivenet (in cooperation with the individual networking groups) are continuing to develop and implement programs to help others in career search activities. The current list of programs is shown below:

  1. Jobseeker Profiles: Members can incorporate their LinkedIn Profile into our CollectiveNet LinkedIn Group where the links of all members are shared within the group. This greatly improves Jobseeker visibility and Employer search scope.

  2. Employers: Selected Employers are joining our CollectiveNet LinkedIn Group and are taking advantage of the increased searching capabilities.

  3. Discussions: Discussions about Job Opportunities and Events are available to members of our CollectiveNet LinkedIn Group.

  4. Announcements: Jobseekers and Employers share Job Leads, Jobseeking Events and Helpful Articles on our CollectiveNet Google Group.

  5. Resources: Members will have access to contact information of local career coaches, recruiters, resume services, and more.

  6. Links: Members will have direct access into government sites for Federal, state, county and city organizations and entities.

  7. Presentations: As part of the individual networking groups, members will have access to educational programs on a variety of topics (Networking, resume writing, job coaching, career counseling, and more).

    1. Updated 07/07/2021