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CollectiveNet is a non-profit umbrella organization of career networking groups designed to maximize job seeking and employee search efforts by providing a central location of candidates, contacts, leads and information with no fees associated and volunteer operated.

CollectiveNet targets jobseekers and employers in an effective, efficient and productive method that is results driven and based on honesty, integrity and cooperation.

How to Join CollectiveNet

Jobseekers need to first contact and join one of the CollectiveNet networking groups listed. After becoming a member of one of these groups, join the CollectiveNet Google Group and the CollectiveNet LinkedIn Group or, alternatively, follow the networking group's procedure for joining.

Employers and new or existing networking groups in the Colorado Front Range area interested in becoming part of this organization should contact the Group Administrator (New Employers,     New Networking Groups).

CollectiveNet brochure in PDF or DOC format.


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To help you meet your next employer, we need to meet you screen-to-screen or mask-to-mask.

We invite you to visit and introduce yourself to any of our local meetings, so we can help you find your next employer:

Local Meetings in the
Colorado Front Range

Bouldernet (Boulder)
LongNet (Longmont)
NoCoNet (Fort Collins)
SHM Christian Career Circle (Boulder)

Local Job Search Group Meeting List

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Testimonials from our alumni

Today I started my new job at LSI Logic Storage Sytems in Boulder. Thanks for all the support for the six months that I was unemployed. G. E. - LSI Logic - Broadcom

Longnet was a positive influence during my unemployment. By meeting on Monday it helped me set the tone for my week and helped me get going. The members of Longnet care about each other and are willing to help anyone. It is a good resource for networking and learning good networking skills. K. G. - TPI

I start my new job as a Marketing Communications Specialist on Monday, September 8th. The offer came after a pretty intense round of interviews, but I'd have never gotten the first interview had it not been for a lot of networking. So tell everyone it works! It takes a long time (or at least it did for me), but it's the best way to go. P. S. - Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

...what worked and what didn't? Networking, Networking, Networking... Between these adventures, I attended many, many networking events... the regular weekly kind, the monthly type and the once or once-in-a-while types. Always getting in front of people and giving the pitch or giving others contacts I found. Resumes really didn't work with the return on investment being very low... I'd guesstimate around 5%. Business cards seem to work better as they are an easy pocket reminder for those you meet. My friends, thank you for YOUR support of me... the smiles, the encouragement, knowing we were in the same boat and going to be OK was what made it for me. THANK YOU! D. T. - The Root Group

I can't say enough about the value of the LongNet group to people who are looking for employment. This group is a tremendous link for networking, job information and inside contacts, as well encouragement to keep after it. D. T. - Ball Aerospace

...the only way my resume got the necessary visibility was through my Longnet connection. Thanks again for your help and support. P. A. - Maxtor - Seagate